Frequently Asked Questions & Project Details

Mint price and supply?

We are a collection of 2222 Cheetahs roaming around the Solana safari with a mint price of 1.3 SOL!

Why should I mint?

We are a team built upon the foundation of having absolutely everything ready before launch. Along with our plans to repeatedly re-invest the projects earnings in order to create the best experience for all of our holders, we are here to make an impact.

How does staking work?

Our staking mechanic brings a unique approach to your earnings, granting a multiplier to earn more $SPOT as you stake additonal Cheetahs!

  • 1x Cheetah Staked - 1.0x $SPOT
  • 2x Cheetah Staked - 1.05x $SPOT
  • 3x Cheetah Staked - 1.10x $SPOT
  • 4x Cheetah Staked - 1.15x $SPOT
  • 5x Cheetah Staked - 1.20x $SPOT (MAX)

Why is there a fee to withdraw my $SPOT?

The goal revolving around $SPOT it to make the token anti-dumpable. If you choose to withdraw your tokens within a certain time period, a withdraw fee will reflect upon it. Everytime $SPOT is withdrawn, a small perctange of tokens are burned to combat large price fluctuations.

  • 15% fee for less than 7 days staked
  • 11% fee for less than 14 days staked
  • 7% fee for less than 21 days staked

How will we make an impact on real world Cheetahs?

We plan to partner with a conservation fund [cheetah.org] and sponsor specific Cheetahs! We will be holding regular events and allow our holders to vote on which Cheetah they would like to sponsor for the year. A full year sponsorship costs $5,000 per cheetah, and we hope to sponsor as many Cheetahs as possible to make the best impact on our real world counterpart.